Rehearse the Word of 

Week of Prayer 


We set aside the week of 22 June for ‘Prayer for Breakthrough’.  This was a wonderful week in which we saw real answers to prayer including prayer for salvation-  Praise His wonderful Name.
We were were rightly asked the question:-  So what has God said to us?
To which we would add a further question:- How will you respond to His word?


The words ‘significant’, or ‘important’ etc. are adjectives often used (even overused) with respect to prophetic words shared. (After all if the word is from God it is, by definition, important.)  That said… Many who gathered will say how struck they were by the way in which God spoke into our situation with His love, clarity, and power.


We have identified Three main themes from our week with respect to Breakthrough.
  • Praise as liberator & weapon

  • Dreams as a gift to the body of Christ

  • Our Battles belong to the Lord.


Praise. We were led to a place in Praise where God showed us how Praise brings liberty in our soul (and that this is not a matter of feelings).  It is also a massive weapon as seen in the

Bible –Two examples-
  1. The defeat of Ammon and Moab by Jehoshaphat -2 Chron 20
  2. The ‘escape’ of Paul & Silas from Prison- Acts 16
“I love your worship and your praise.
These are the two things that will cause the breakthrough. I will fight your battles for you.
...But you must do as I say.”
Dreams. We were encouraged to dream dreams and call on God to see them fulfilled.  We saw this clarified by encouragements to
  • Be specific as we speak/confess our dreams
  • Make use of the gift of Tongues to pray into our dreams ‘beyond our understanding’
  • Seek God for ‘Next steps’ in seeing dreams into a reality.  (Please share these steps so we can stand with you.)
“I invite you to dream your dream – what you wish to see – changes in people's lives... Submit that dream to Me, and I will direct you. Don't be vague, dream what you wish to see happen, and expect Me to fulfil it.”
Battles- We were reminded that the battles we face are to be waged in the heavenly places and as such the Battles belong to the Lord. As at Jericho, it will not be our ‘trumpets’ or ‘shouts’ that will bring down the walls blocking our way, but the Lord who goes before us and as we obey Him, we will see victory.
“It was not the trumpets at Jericho or the shout of the people that brought down the walls but God.  It will not be our emails or our phone calls, our conversations meetings and strategies but God who brings our breakthroughs.  Our call is to obedience and praise”


Specific Issues

The Royal British Legion (RBL) Building- We believe God was calling us to pray for the RBL and other agencies and not see them as in any sense an enemy, as we saw above the battle is a spiritual one – to see the enemy as the spiritual forces and as we Praise and call for the release of the captives in our community; see this enemy defeated.
The Children of our Community – We were reminded of how Jacob prayed and named His children and prophesied over each one of them.  We are called to do the same asking that God would speak to us about our children that each one would stand in the Grace of God.
The Persecuted Church – We looked again at the conversion of Saul persecutor of the followers of Jesus. He was stopped on the Road to Damascus and powerfully encountered Jesus. We prayed that there would be similar encounters in the Middle East. 
We also prayed into the other situations we identified through the week.
So was that it then?
We are not using these notes to record everything that was shared in the week of prayer as this would be too much detail, however we have placed a more thorough record on the Church website along with a ‘pdf’ version of these notes (see www.lwccbasildon.org/prayer)

So that was Question 1 …

The second question was to ask you: How will you respond?
  • Please continue to pray that the Lord will release the building we need to us- What a wonderful opportunity we will then have to reach out even more to the lost around us.
  • Please ask God to give you dreams to speak into your life. Explore what God is saying to you.
  • From a heart of gratitude bring your praise to God. This has nothing to do with ‘singing particular songs,’ but everything to do with letting God know how much you appreciate Him and all He has done.  
  • What else has stirred you from this week or since?
  • In what ways was this week helpful or unhelpful in focusing on areas to pray for? 
Tim Blake, 14/07/2015